Welcome to Prison Foundation !

Prisons in Nepal are infested with major problems like lack of financial resources, high turnovers of prisoners, illiteracy, poor health and sanitation facilities, and shortage of clean and safe drinking water and the prisoners are vulnerable towards HIV/AIDS, TB and even unaware of their rights,  environment change and global warming etc.  In addition, there is a severe lack of services to the dependent children of inmates and lack of awareness in the community. Moreover, the prisoner’s faces added discrimination from the community and are socially excluded. Prison Foundation was established and registered in 2011 to provide much needed service and support to prison inmates, their family and the community. As prisoners at some point become a part of the society, they should be provided with the necessary skills to adapt to the society and become responsible citizens of the country. Therefore, the community should also be sensitized as the society plays a vital role in creating an enabling environment for prison inmates and their families. Read More +

Vision and Mission


To ensure the rights of prison inmates by implementing various social and human welfare programs to address various social sectors such as poverty, education, unemployment, health, human rights, environment, peace and conflict resolution.




To develop the capacity of the prison inmates and their dependent children by providing education, capacity development trainings and income generating programs to improve their status in the community




  • Actively work in issues through Policy Advocacy among planners and policy makers at community and national level for proper implementation and introduction of programs concerning prison inmates and their dependent children.
  • Provide capacity development trainings and income generating trainings to ensure financial security of the prisoners and their families.
  • Provide education services to the prison inmates and their dependent children.
  • Promote the adoption of safe behaviors among prison inmates through increased access and availability of prevention programs.
  • Expand access and coverage of quality primary health services to the prison inmates and their dependent children.
  • Advocate for the rights of prison inmates and their families among community, local to national level policy makers and planners.
  • Educate & provide awareness to prison inmates and their families regarding their basic rights through legal support and consultation.
  • Organize cultural, training and sports activities to create an enabling environment in the prison,
  • Provide comprehensive services for HIV/AIDS, STI, TB, Malaria prevention, treatment, care and services.
  • Provide prevention,  treatment and rehabilitation services for Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco abuse among prison inmates
  • Develop a sense of understanding and impart education and knowledge about social, environmental, health and population issues.
  • Facilitate prison inmates to lead healthy, productive lives by promoting academic achievement, self-esteem, creativity, positive relationships and skill building.